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The Loop 110 - 2024

SVG with trophy.
SVG doing burnouts.
SVG standing on Camaro after the win.
SVG standing on Camaro.
SVG waving at the crowd.
SVG in victory lane.
SVG standing on the Camaro.
SVG with an arm up in the air.
SVG standing on Camaro on pit road.
SVG in Victory Lane.
SVG celebrating the win.
SVG doing burnouts.
SVG grabbing the checkered flag.
Camaro doing burnouts.
SVG doing burnouts in the Camaro.
Camaro driving under the skyline.
Camaro rounding a turn.
Camaro driving past skyscrapers.
Camaro driving past buildings.
Camaro driving past flowers.
SVG with Pole Award.
SVG gettng into the Camaro.
SVG standing by the Camaro.
Camaro rounding a turn.
Camaro driving past the Willis Tower.
SVG racing Kyle Larson.
SVG out in front of the pack.
Cooper MacNeil coming out to congratulate SVG.
SVG talking with another driver.
Camaro rounding a turn.

Chicago Street Circuit - Chicago, IL


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