Rolex 24 at Daytona - 2022

Mercedes leading traffic.
Porsche on the track.
Mercedes rounding a turn.
Front of the Mercedes.
Cooper putting on helmet.
Mercedes in the sunlight.
Mercedes at sunrise.
Mercedes in traffic at night.
Mercedes on the track at night.
View of cars racing at daylight.
Mercedes in the night.
Pit crew member.
Team at the signing booth.
Cooper with a fan.
Driver holding Rolex 24 program.
Stickers on the table.
Driver signing program.
Porsche making a shadowy turn.
Close up of car liverys.
Cooper Macneil.
Mercedes in traffic.
Mercedes on a straight away.
Car driving past the ferris wheel at Daytona.
Porsche driving past the ferris wheel.
Puppy on the spoiler.
Retriever on the spoiler.
Drivers on the grid.
American flags waving in the wind.
Drivers on the grid.
Coopers helmet on the car.
Cooper on the grid.
Cooper fastening the gloves.
Mercedes driving past the starting line.
Porsche rounding a turn.
Merdedes rounding a curve.
Cooper with puppy on the grid.
Cooper on the grid.
Drivers next to car on the grid.
Mercedes driving at night.
Cooper with puppy on the grid.
Puppy cam.
Cars driving at night.
Mercedes at a pit stop.
Pit stop.
Back of racing suit.
Mercedes pulling out of pit road.
Cooper in the pit.
Porsche driving at sunset.
Porsche racing past rolex signage.
Mercedes rounding a turn.
Mercedes driving at sunset.
Mercedes driving past signage.
View of Mercedes on the track.
Cars lined up at the starting line.
Mercedes in the pack.
Mercedes and Porsche racing during practice.
Driver in the car with rain on the windows.
Driver in the pit.
Pit crew member observing the Mercedes.
Driver in car.
Mercedes rounding a turn at night practice.
Mercedes on the track.
Mercedes and Porsche racing on the track.
Far view of Mercedes crossing the starting line.
Porsche on the track with the ferris wheel behind it.
Mercedes leaving the pit.
Close view of the bumper of the Mercedes.
WeatherTech signage on pit road.
Pit crew changing a tire on the Porsche.
Mercedes rounding a turn.

Daytona International Speedway - Daytona, FL