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Roar Before the 24 - 2023

On victory lane.
Drivers after winning pole.
Mercedes on the track.
Mercedes crossing the finish.
Mercedes rounding a curve.
Mercedes on turn.
Mercedes on straight.
Front view of Mercedes.
Mercedes in the pit with pit crew talking.
Rolling Mercedes on pit road.
Pit crew member.
Cooper in the pit.
Cooper with helmet on.
Mercedes on the track racing.
Mercedes on pit road.
Mercedes with speed.
Mercedes taking off.
Mercedes rounding a turn.
Mercedes on pit road.
Mercedes on a straight.
Cooper fastening his helmet.
Driver in the car.
Mercedes on the track.
Rear view of Mercedes.
Cooper sitting trackside.
Putting on the gloves.
Driver putting helmet on.
Pit crew.
Mercedes pulling out of the pit.
Checking tire pressure.
Mercedes racing up the track.
Mercedes at dusk.
Helmet placed on the hood.
Mercedes on pit road.
Helmet on the hood.
Drivers next to the Mercedes.
Drivers standing by the Mercedes.

Daytona International Speedway - Daytona Beach, FL


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