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 Pacific Office Automation 147 - 2024

SVG in victory lane with the crew.
SVG in a press conference.
SVG in victory lane.
SVG on the grid standing on the Camaro after winning.
SVG doing burnouts in the Camaro after the victory.
SVG being interviewed by Nascar.
SVG walking on the starting line with hand in the air.
SVG holding the trophy.
Giving the checkered flag to a fan.
SVG standing on the starting grid.
Camaro in traffic.
Camaro parked on the grid.
Camaro rounding a turn.
Camaro leading the pack around a turn.
Camaro wide open throttle rolling past the starting line.
Camaro hugging a wall on the straight away.
SVG with the crew in victory lane.
SVG walking on the grid.
SVG with arms crossed waiting on the grid.
Camaro hugging a turn.
SVG fastening his helmet on the grid.
Camaro parked at the starting line.

Portland International Raceway - Portland, OR


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