Monterey Sports Car Championship - 2022

Mercedes rounding a turn.
Mercedes hugging a corner.
Mercedes coming over a hill.
Mercedes on a straight away.
Mercedes passing under WeatherTech signage.
Mercedes of Billings logo.
IMSA videographer.
Racing helmet on top of the Mercedes.
Drivers talking.
Mercedes in traffic.
Back of WeatherTech Racing suit.
Hood of Mercedes.
Side of Mercedes with Billings logo.
Cooper MacNeil.
Driver close-up.
Mercedes hugging a turn.
Mercedes passing under the start line.
Mercedes rounding a curve.
Cooper with golden.
Drivers signing autographs.
Drivers with Michelin Man.
Mercedes taking off down the track.
Mercedes on pit road.
Pit crew member.
Mercedes on a straight.
Mercedes taking of around a bend.
Mercedes rounding a curve.
Rear view of Mercedes.
Mercedes coming up another hill.

WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca - Salinas, CA