Ferrari Challenge - VIR - 2021
Cooper holding up both trophies on the podium.
Cooper holding trophy on the podium.
Drivers standing on the podium.
Cooper standing on podium.
Cooper celebrating on the podium.
Cooper spraying champagne on the podium.
Shot of Ferrari in the winners circle.
Gathering at the podium.
Cooper preparing to race.
Racing under blue sky.
Ferrari racing on the track during the day.
Scuderia signage.
Top view of Ferrari hood.
Cooper doing an interview.
Cooper holding pole position card.
Ferrari racing in the rain.
Ferrari racing around the track.
Cooper smiling in helmet.
Cooper celebrating on the track.
Cooper doing an interview on the track.
View of Coopers name on the Ferrari.
Cooper shaking hands with Toni Vilander.
Cooper in helmet on pit road.
Cooper preparing to race.
Cooper on pit road with back turned.
Crew and cars on track.
Ferrari racing up the track.
Girl waving red flag.
American Flag in front of house.
Track at sunset.
Track shown at sunset.
Markers on the track.
Ferrai seen through trees.
VIR sign.
Ferrari leading the pack.
Ferrari rounding a turn.
Ferrari leading traffic.
Rear view of Ferrari rounding a turn.
Checkered Flag being waved.
Cooper with thumbs up.
Cooper standing by Ferrari after win.
Ferrari racing leading the pack.
Ferrari rounding a curve on the track.
Ferrari racing up the track.
Cooper checking the brakes.
Ferrari on track at VIR.
Ferrari racing on the VIR straight away.
Cars racing uphill.
Ferrari rounding a turn.
Ferrari rounding a turn.
Ferrari racing full throttle.
Ferrari picking up speed on the track.
Close up on Ferrari wheel and hood.
Helmet and gloves.
Close up of racing entry decals.
Close up of Cooper putting on gloves.
Close up of Ferrari engine block.
Close up of side door of Ferrari.
Ferrari coming over the edge of a turn.
Ferrari full throttle over a curve.

Virginia International Raceway - Alton, VA