Ferrari Challenge - Misano - 2021
Finish line.
Ferarri on the straight away.
Ferrari leading the pack.
Ferrari driving.
Ferrari racing.
Ferrari in a pack a cars.
Zoomed out view of Ferrari racing.
Cooper MacNeil in drivers seat.
Cooper MacNeil with phototographers.
Cooper inside the Ferrari.
Cooper sitting in the driver seat.
Close up of the Ferrari decals.
Car driving around the track.
Artistic photo of the Ferrari racing.
Ferrari rounding a turn in the rain.
Ferrari racing in the rain.
Ferrari rounding a turn in the rain.
Car crossing the starting line.
Car in front of the grandstands.
Car racing by the stands.
Rainy skies as the Ferrari drives past the grand stands.
Close up of the Ferrari Engine.
Cooper MacNeil putting a helmet on.
Close up of the Ferrari door and wheels.
Ferrari driving around a turn.
Cooper standing with crew member.
Ferrari racing.
Cooper standing by the Ferrari.
Cars racing past the starting line.
Rear view of the Ferrari.
Ferrari on the grid.
Rear view of the Ferrari near dusk.
Cooper sitting in the pit.
Car parked in garage with Cooper walking in.
Cooper inside the Ferrari.
Ferrari racing around a turn.
Cooper in the driver seat.
Distance shot of the Ferrari during practice.
Ferrari racing the track during practice.
Ferrari driving past the grand stand during practice.

Misano World Circuit - Italy