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12 Hours of Sebring - 2022

Drivers with trophy plates.
Drivers on podium.
Drivers spraying champagne.
Drivers realizing the podium in the pit.
Drivers drinking champage.
Driver pouring champagne on himself.
Cooper drinking champagne.
Driver holding plate.
Drivers spraying champagne.
Drivers holding trophy plates.
Drivers talking in the pit.
Driver with helmet on.
Mercedes in the shadow.
Fans watching.
Mercedes driving.
Pit stop.
Pit crew working on the car.
Back of drivers helmet.
Pit crew member.
Pit crew member preparing for the pit stop.
Cooper high fiving a fan.
Cooper's racing suit.
Driver holding signing pen.
Driver change.
Driver with helmet on watching monitors.
Porsche crossing starting line.
Porsche driving past palm trees.
Porsche leading the pack.
Mercedes rounding a turn.
Porsche at sunset.
Porsche on a straight away.
Sunset over track.
Porsche at sunset.
Porsche with drivers on pit road.
Porsche on pit road at night.
Porsche being worked on pit road.
Driver watching practice.
Driver preparing on pit road.
Cooper with racing helmet on.
Close up of Cooper's racing suit.
Pit crew member on pit road.
Porsche on pit road.
Porsche rounding turn one.
Porsche rounding another turn in practice.
Porsche on the track during practice.
Porsche on pit road.
Cooper in the drivers seat.
Pit crew member testing tire pressue.
Driver watching practice.
Porsche rounding a turn.
Mercedes hugging a curve.
Porsche racing on the track.
Mercedes racing up a hill.
Rear view of the Porsche.
Porsche racing up a straight away.
Driver sitting in the Porsche.
Close up of Cooper's helmet.
Cooper in the pit.
Cooper with earphones on in the pit.
Porsche parked by the WeatherTech Racing camp.
Porsche racing down the straight away.
Porsche driving past fans.
Porsche driving past the grandstand.
Porsche cruising past the starting line.

Sebring International Raceway - Sebring, FL


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