Four Hours of Le Castellet - 2021
Porsche crossing the finish line.
Porsche coming down a straight away.
Driving past the grand stand.
Taking off on the straight away.
Porsche racing on the track.
Cooper adjusting the racing suit.
Cooper on pit road.
Cooper strapping on the racing helmet.
Driver standing on pit road.
Driver change.
Cooper analyzing race times.
Cooper strategizing in the pit.
Cooper waiting to board the Porsche.
Looking down on a pit stop.
Looking down on pit road.
Driver in the pit.
Cooper after a successful driver change.
Drivers on pit road.
Porsche hugging a turn.
Porsche rounding a curve.
Pit crew changing tires.
Porsche racing around a curve.
Porsche pulling out of pit road.
Porsche driving past the scoring board.
Pit Crew fueling up the Porsche.
Porsche in traffic.
Close up of the Porsche on the track.
Porsche coming across the starting line.
Porsche rounding a turn.
Crew member cleaning the windshield.
Artistic shot of the Porsche racing.
Porsche hugging a turn at sunrise.
Porsche racing around a turn.
Porsche pulling out of pit road.
Porsche coming down a hill.
Cooper speaking with the crew.
Drivers in the pit.
Pit crew changing tires.
Porsche rounding a turn.
Porsche taking off on a straight away.
Close up of Porsche racing on the track.
Rear view of the Porsche heading up to the starting line.

Circuit Paul Ricard - Le Castellet, France