Ferrari Challenge - Watkins Glen - 2021
Cooper holding up both trophies.
Cooper on the podium celebrating the win.
Drivers on the podium.
Cooper celebrating the victory.
Drivers standing on the podium.
Cooper celebrating a win spraying champagne.
Cooper giving an interview.
Cooper adjusting the racing helmet.
Doing victory donuts.
Doing donuts in the Ferrari.
Donuts after the victory.
Coming down a hill.
Charging up a hill.
Hugging a curve.
Preparing to race.
Cooper in the Ferrari.
Racing towards the next turn.
Leading the pack.
Rear view of the Ferrari.
Cooper in the drivers seat.
Cooper celebrating the first win of the weekend.
Cooper on the podium.
Spraying champagne.
Cooper standing by the Ferrari.
Ferrari rounding a turn.
Rear view of Ferrari on the track.
Ferrari leading the crowd.
Ferrari hugging a turn.
Ferrari peeling out of the pit.
Ferrari leading traffic.
Cooper standing with pole award.
Cooper wins pole position.
Cooper getting ready to board.
The garage.
Coopers helmet resting on the roof.
Suiting up for the race.
Cooper checking the Ferrari.
Rear view of Ferrari.
Ferrari on track.
Ferrari hugging a turn.
Ferrari tearing up a hill.
Ferrari racing on the track.
Ferrari rounding a turn.
Ferrari on test day.
Ferarri racing on track.
Winning decals.
Ferarri racing around a turn.
Cooper with the crew in the pit.
Ferrari Challenge cars.
Close up shot of the Ferrari.
Side view of the WeatherTech Logo on the Ferrari.
Race for RP decal on spoiler.

Watkins Glen International - Watkins Glen, New York