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EchoPark Automotive Grand Prix - 2024

Camaro coming up a straight away.
SVG on pit road.
Camaro coming up over a hill.
Camaro in traffic.
Camaro rounding a turn.
Camaro driving under the observation deck.
Camaro driving past the observation deck.
Camaro driving on the track.
Camaro in the middle of the pack.
Camaro figthing for position.
SVG rounding a turn.
Camaro in the hunt on a straight away.
Camaro driving up a straight away.
Camaro coming up a hill.
Camaro speeding down a straight away.
Camaro charging down a hill.
Camaro on the track under the flag of Texas.
Camaro driving underneath the observation tower.
SVG on pit road.
SVG getting into the WeatherTech Camaro.
SVG giving low fives to the fans.
SVG walking out during driver introductions.

Circuit of the Americas - Austin, TX


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