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Battle on the Bricks - 2023

Kissing the bricks.
Champagne on the podium.
Driver spraying champagne.
Drivers on podium.
Drivers and WT Team on the podium.
Kissing the bricks.
Drivers on the podium.
Champagne being sprayed.
Drivers by the bricks.
Drivers on podium.
Drivers after the race.
Drivers after the win.
Drivers by the grand stands.
Mercedes leading the pack.
Mercedes driving pas the grands.
Mercedes coming up a straight.
Prototype in traffic.
Prototype on the track.
Mercedes through the chain link fence.
Mercedes driving past the stands_
Drivers with fans.
Mercedes in traffic.
Mercedes on the track_
Mercedes by the grand stand_
Prototype in the garage_
Mercedes on a straight_
Inside of Mercedes_
Mercedes on a straight away.
Prototype on a straight away.
Mercedes on the track.
Mercedes driving past the starting grid.
Mercedes rounding a turn.
View of the grandstands.
Hood of the Mercedes.
Drivers in a pit stop.
Driver in the pit.
Mercedes in the pit.
Pit stop.
Prototype hugging a turn.
Prototype pulling out of the pit.
Prototype in the pit.
Mercedes in traffic.
Mercedes hugging a curve.
Mercedes in the pit.
Starting line.
View of the skyline and track.
Mercedes crossing the starting line.
Prototype on the track.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway - Indianapolis, IN


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