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Andy's Frozen Custard 300 - 2024

Camaro driving past the starting line.
Camaro on the track.
Camaro on another straight away.
Camaro out in front of traffic.
Camaro coming down a straight away.
Pit stop.
Camaro driving past the grand stands.
Grandstands with Camaro driving by.
Camaro out front of traffic.
Camaro driving on a straight away in front of Texas Motor Speedway signage.
Camaro leading the pack.
SVG standing on the grid.
Team on the grid before the race.
SVG putting on the racing helmet.
SVG with racing helmet on.
SVG during driver intros.
Camaro in traffic.
Camaro coming off pit road.
SVG standing on the grid.
Camaro on pit road with hood up.
Camaro driving on the track.

Texas Motor Speedway - Fort Worth, TX


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