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24 Hours of Le Mans - 2022

Team on the podium.
Team on the podium spraying champagne.
Teams on the podium.
Pouring champagne.
Team taking a selfie.
Team opening champagne.
Team on the podium.
Team with champagne spraying.
Team with P2 trophies.
Porsche pulling across the starting line.
Porsche crossing the finish line.
Pit crew hugs.
Porsche at sunrise.
Porsche rounding a turn in the morning.
Porche heading up a hill in the morning.
Night pit stop.
Porsche driving past the ferris wheel.
Porsche on a straight away.
Porsche rounding a turn.
Porsche driving past the starting line.
Country flags on the grid.
Cooper on the grid.
Cars driving past the starting line at Le Mans.
Close up of driver suit with gloves.
Pit stop.
Cooper waiting for the driver change.
Drivers changing on pit road.
Helmet and driving gloves on a shelf.
Cooper waiting on pit road.
Pit crew changing a tire.
Porsche pulling into pit road.
Porsche racing on the track.
Cooper being interviewed.
Cooper tossing WeatherTech Coasters to the crowd.
Drivers in the parade.
Drivers riding in the parade.
Cooper giving a coaster to a fan.
Cooper holding a WeatherTech coaster.
Cooper taking selfie with a fan.
Driver taking a selfie with a fan.
Overhead view of the Porsche.
Porsche driving past lights.
Porsche taking off on the track.
Porsche rounding a turn.
Porsche taking off around a corner.
Porsche on a straight away.
Hood of the Porsche.
Porsche pulling out of pit road.
Porsche rounding a turn.
Close up of Cooper's helmet.
Cooper talking with crew member.
Close up of Cooper's helmet.
Cooper putting on his helmet.
Porsche with its reflection.
Cooper in the pit next to tire stacks.
Porsche driving around a turn.
Porsche coming up over a hill.
Porsche on a straight.
Rear view of Porsche.
Above rear view of Porsche.
Porsche hood.
Drivers on the grid.
Driver in the drivers seat.
Driver checking steering console.
Team signing autographs.
Team with the Porsche.
Team race cards on table.
Cooper signing memorabilia.
Handing a fan memorabilia.
Race cards on signing table.
Team signing autographs on pit road.
Cooper next to the Porsche.
Drivers gathered around the Porsche.
Drivers on the track with the Porsche.
Drivers with Porsche near the starting gate.
Drivers on the track with the Porsche.
Porsche on a straight away.
Side view of the Porsche racing.
Porsche driving past the Le Mans road sign.
Porsche through the guard rail.
Porsche hugging a turn.
Porsche driving on the track.
Crew member changing tire.
Cooper walking to the Porsche.
Driver speaking with crew member.
Porsche in traffic.
Porsche rounding a turn.
Porsche driving under manufacturer signage.
Cooper adjusting helmet.
Porsche on the street.
Porsche parked on the street.
Porsche in the rain.
Porsche being offloaded.
Porsche on the Le Mans street.
Drivers and crew around the Porsche.
Le Mans trophy.
Press conference.
Drivers speaking at forum.
Porsches parked together.

Circuit de la Sarthe - Le Mans, FR


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