WeatherTech Racing Seventh at 14 Hours at Le Mans

Le Mans, France, (September 20, 2020) - WeatherTech Racing is currently running seventh at the Le Mans 24 Hours race in France.

Drivers Cooper MacNeil (Hinsdale, Ill.), Toni Vilander (Kankaanpää, Finland), and Jeff Segal (Miami, Fla.) have been running consistent lap times and taking what the race has delivered into the night.

At 10:21 CET (4:21 p.m. ET) Jeff Segal was taking his first night stint when he suffered a broken right front shock and went off the track in the Dunlop Esses. The Floridian did a great job keeping the WeatherTech Racing Ferrari off the barrier and running out of the gavel to get it back to the garage for clean-up repairs. The team also took the opportunity to do the brake service while replacing the shock.

"Really unfortunate to have that issue with the shock," Segal said. "The team did a great job to get the WeatherTech Ferrari fixed and back out on track. There was collateral damage with the fender and splitter. The beginning og that stint the car wasn't the same, so I knew there was something going on. I had a big sideways wiggle in the Porsche Curves, which hadn't happened before. Then I went to turn into the Dunlop Esses and the right front gave out. I was able to keep it off the wall. I then was able to limp it home and get it fixed. I was able to get back out and it took a few laps to get the confidence back. I did and was clicking off laps as before. Not my favorite stint at Le Mans, but we're back out."

"So many slow zones and safety cars during my second stint," Vilander said. "You lose the tire temp and there are lot of variables with the cars running together slowly. I was two-hour-and-forty-eight minutes in the car, so the equivalent of an entire IMSA race. It wasn't as smooth as my opening stint. Lots of stones and debris on the track. I was battling with the Porsche and he was illuminating the entire cockpit of our WeatherTech Ferrari. So, 15 hours to go we will see."

"I was focused on running clean and consistent lap times," MacNeil said. "I was able to knock off the same lap times in and out of traffic. After the team put the car back together from the shock issue the WeatherTech Ferrari was handling good for me. I was able to focus on turning good laps. The traffic wasn't too bad I was able to focus forward. I turned it over to Toni in good shape. Too bad about the shock, not the only Ferrari with that issue. So, we will see where we end up."

The race is being carried live on MotorTrend TV, download the app. The race will take the checkered flag at 2:30 p.m. CET (8:30 a.m. ET) tomorrow, Sunday, September 20.

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