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Series Race at Phoenix - 2024

SVG Racing at Phoenix
Caramaro hugging the wall. No lifting in sight.
Camaro making a turn.
Camaro on the track.
SVG with his helmet on the grid.
Camaro being checked out on the grid.
Camaro racing past the starting line.
SVG waiting in the pit.
SVG standing on the grid.
Camaro coming up a straight.
Camaro speeding on the track.
Camaro in traffic.
SVG walking on the grid.
SVG being interviewed.
Camaro flying down a curve.
SVG zipping up the suit.
Camaro coming up a straightaway.
SVG Racing at Phoenix
Camaro in tight traffic entering a turn.
SVG with Camaro on the grid.
Camaro leading traffic.

Phoenix Raceway - Phoenix, AZ


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